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If you have to go to a specialist, there is no other choice: it is necessary to go to a referral hospital. Some specialties treat a very small number of patients, and are only available in a few hospital centers.

Sometimes unwillingly we hurt ourselfs with things like the kitchen knife or the glass that breaks on the floor. If you have had some type of domestic accident and you want to know where the nearest Hospitals in Cap-haïtien are, just look at this hospital guide Haiti.

With 134815 inhabitants, Cap-haïtien it is a place where, as in any other, every day there is someone who demands health services. If you need to call and make an appointment with one of Hospitals in Cap-haïtien, here at Hospitalsworldguide you will find the hospital telephones you need to call.

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This is a directory of public hospitals in Cap-haïtien (Haiti). You no longer have to worry about your financial situation to go to a hospital. Here you can meet all the free hospitals in this area and get all the services you have right
If you need to find a private hospital in Cap-haïtien (Haiti) because you can not wait for the public waiting list time, look here for the hospital you want to find, and you will also see other users' opinions about the center where you are thinking about going

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 Hopital Albert Schweitzer Haiti(Located 81.64 Km)
desjardines, haiti haiti Verrettes ,Artibonite ,Artibonite ,Haiti 
 phone available. 
 Website available.