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Hospitals in Aqtöbe (City) Aqtöbe (City) is a town that has 262457 inhabitants. If you are one more, or if on the contrary you have come of trip, and you have happened some mishap in which you need medical attention, Hospitalsworldguide will show you all the real telephones of the Hospitals in Aqtöbe (City).

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Our health and that of the people we love are a fundamental pillar for our happiness. Therefore, at the slightest sign that something is not right, we must run to the doctor and tell him what happens to us. This avoids more serious and difficult to handle problems.

Do you have a rash on your skin that you do not know why? Do you feel dizzy, have you had vomiting and diarrhea and need to find Hospitals in Aqtöbe (City)? Have our help! We offer you a guide that contains all the hospitals of Kazakhstan, so that you find the one that is closer to your location.

Hospitals in Aqtöbe (City) by category

Here you can see a list containing all the public hospitals in Aqtöbe (Kazakhstan). Remember that if you have to go to a specialist, you must first go by your general physician to have it refer you
Private hospitals that have a high degree of excellence. Such are the majority of these private centers of Aqtöbe (Kazakhstan). Search here the hospital you need to make your consultations with competent professionals who will give you the best care

List of Hospitals next to Aqtöbe

 Private Clinic Almaty(Located 1,684.07 Km)
мкр. мирас, 45, алматы 050043, kazakhstan 050043 Almaty ,Almaty Qalasy ,Almaty Qalasy ,Kazakhstan 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 Arumed(Located 1,685.16 Km)
abay ave, almaty, kazakhstan kazakhstan Almaty ,Almaty Qalasy ,Almaty Qalasy ,Kazakhstan 
 Website available.