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9490 vaduz, liechtenstein 9490 Vaduz ,Vaduz ,Vaduz ,Liechtenstein 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
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If our family doctor sends us to a specialist, he will know what he is doing. And we must pay attention, because often what happens to us is nothing really important, but in other cases it could be a problem for which an early treatment could be crucial.

So that you are not suffering in silence, worried about something strange without knowing what it is, check it now with a good doctor. Here you will find all the hospitals in Liechtenstein, and each of the Hospitals in Vaduz (City), registered with contact and address phones, so that you can go to your nearest hospital.

If you no longer know what to do when you call Hospitals in Vaduz (City) and no one picks up the phone quickly, we tell you what to do: try calling the phones we provide here. They are the telephones of appointments and attention to the 5197 people who live in Vaduz (City).

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Paying for an appointment or diagnostic tests in private hospitals can be quite expensive. If there is not much waiting list in the public hospitals of Vaduz (Liechtenstein), it may be worthwhile to go to one of them. Here you will find a list with each of these centers
Are you tired of waiting for an appointment for a public hospital? Here we show you a list of the private hospitals that are in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) so they can attend to you much sooner than you had foreseen

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9490 vaduz, liechtenstein 9490 Vaduz ,Vaduz ,Vaduz ,Liechtenstein 
 phone available. 
 Website available.

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