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If our family doctor sends us to a specialist, he will know what he is doing. And we must pay attention, because often what happens to us is nothing really important, but in other cases it could be a problem for which an early treatment could be crucial.

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Gros islet (City) is a town that has 2362 inhabitants. If you are one more, or if on the contrary you have come of trip, and you have happened some mishap in which you need medical attention, Hospitalsworldguide will show you all the real telephones of the Hospitals in Gros islet (City).

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Every year we pay hundreds of taxes with which we pay for public health, so we must go to the public health services to pay off what we are paying each year. Here we show you a list of public hospitals in Gros islet (Saint lucia)
Not always a patient can or wants to wait in the long tail of public hospitals. In this case, if the financial conditions are available for this, it is better to go to a private hospital. Are you doubting where to carry out your treatment or therapy? Here at Hospitalsworldguide you have at your disposal a list of all the private hospitals of Gros islet (Saint lucia)


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 St Lucia Hospital(Located 8.18 Km)
st. lucia castries Castries ,Castries ,Castries ,Saint Lucia 
 phone available. 
tapion rd, st. lucia saint lucia Castries ,Castries ,Castries ,Saint Lucia 
 phone available. 
 Website available.