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Hospitals in Togdheer (Province) When talking about health, the most important thing is to go to a hospital that offers quality care, safety and confidence to the patient, because often the success of a treatment or intervention depends on all these factors.

Any manifestation of something strange may be the announcement of a disease, which may be banal or serious. If you are worried and need to consult a doctor, find here in this directory of hospitals of Somalia, these Hospitals in Togdheer (Province) that are closest to you.

In Togdheer (Province) there are various health centers to meet the medical needs of their 109086 inhabitants. But when specialist attention is required, it is necessary to go to one of the Hospitals in Togdheer (Province). If you are looking for the telephone and address of one of these hospitals, you will find them here.

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If you need to go to the hospital to consult with specialists, diagnostic imaging or any procedure related to health issues, here you will see a list with all the public hospitals of Togdheer (Somalia)
Starting a treatment or long-term therapy in a private hospital in Togdheer (Somalia) can cost much more than you can imagine. This is why it is good that you report well in advance about the total cost of this. Find here a list of all the hospital centers of this region and inform yourself

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 Edna Adan Maternity Hospital(Located 149.83 Km)
dombuluk, hargeisa, somalia somalia Hargeysa ,Woqooyi Galbeed ,Woqooyi Galbeed ,Somalia 
 phone available. 
 Website available.