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When we are well treated in a hospital and make us feel at home, it increases our satisfaction. And this is also a very important part of a therapy, because the level of success is quite higher.

One can not risk dealing with health issues with little seriousness. If you notice any strange symptoms and you need to find Hospitals in Mbarara, check them here, because in this website we have registered all hospitals of Uganda.

Mbarara owns 97500 inhabitants and is an area where there are public and private hospitals. If you are looking for Hospitals in Mbarara, take a look at the list that we provide and you will see all the contact details of each of the hospitals in this geographical area.

Hospitals in Mbarara by category

Access to public health is a right of every citizen. If you want to know what public hospitals are in Mbarara (Uganda), enter and you will see each of these centers with all your contact information and location
In Mbarara (Uganda) you can find many private hospitals, which offer different medical specialties and different modalities of treatment for your health problem. If you want to know how many hospitals in this region and their conditions or prices, visit the website of each center, which we provide in this list

List of Hospitals next to Mbarara

 Bwindi Community Health Centre(Located 121.47 Km)
uganda western region Ntungamo ,Kanungu District ,Western Region ,Uganda 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 St Mary's Hospital Lacor Uganda(Located 414.69 Km)
gulu/p.o. box, 180 - gulu (uganda), gulu, uganda uganda Gulu ,Gulu District ,Northern Region ,Uganda 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 Hope Clinic Lukuli(Located 237.94 Km)
lukuli, kampala, uganda uganda Kampala ,Kampala District ,Central Region ,Uganda 
 Angal Hospital(Located 340.03 Km)
uganda northern region Nebbi ,Nebbi District ,Northern Region ,Uganda 
 Gulu Independent Hospital(Located 417.37 Km)
gulu municpality, air field road, gulu 23, gulu, uganda 23, gulu Gulu ,Gulu District ,Northern Region ,Uganda 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 Kumi Hospital(Located 438.80 Km)
uganda eastern region Kumi ,Kumi District ,Easter Region ,Uganda