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Hospitals in Njeru If you do not ever want to try to call one of the Hospitals in Njeru and they do not pick up the phone, call the phone that you find here. The updated phones of the hospitals of this place of 61952 inhabitants, you will find them here.

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In life you have to give importance to what is really important, and health is undoubtedly the most significant subject of a person's life. It is necessary to eat well, to practice sports or to do physical exercises and, of course, to consult with specialists when a health problem arises.

If you have a rare symptom or sign right now that you have never had before, it may be the alert for some disease. Find in this hospital guide of Uganda, all Hospitals in Njeru that are closest to your address.

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If your general physician has referred you to a specialist who is in one of the public hospitals in Njeru (Uganda), here you can know everything about your hospital. You will find the phone, email, address and web
Hospitals that offer all the confidence to their patients are able to thrive and gain the trust of all the people who come to him or who know by others about his way of caring for people. If you want to find private hospitals in Njeru (Uganda) with this level of excellence, look for them here

List of Hospitals next to Njeru

 St Mary's Hospital Lacor Uganda(Located 280.11 Km)
gulu/p.o. box, 180 - gulu (uganda), gulu, uganda uganda Gulu ,Gulu District ,Northern Region ,Uganda 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 Hope Clinic Lukuli(Located 65.44 Km)
lukuli, kampala, uganda uganda Kampala ,Kampala District ,Central Region ,Uganda 
 Angal Hospital(Located 311.63 Km)
uganda northern region Nebbi ,Nebbi District ,Northern Region ,Uganda 
 Kumi Hospital(Located 152.00 Km)
uganda eastern region Kumi ,Kumi District ,Easter Region ,Uganda 
 Gulu Independent Hospital(Located 279.62 Km)
gulu municpality, air field road, gulu 23, gulu, uganda 23, gulu Gulu ,Gulu District ,Northern Region ,Uganda 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 Bwindi Community Health Centre(Located 423.87 Km)
uganda western region Ntungamo ,Kanungu District ,Western Region ,Uganda 
 phone available. 
 Website available.