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via leonardo petruzzi, 42, 65013 città sant'angelo pe, italy 65013 Montesilvano ,Provincia di Pescara ,Abruzzo ,Italy 
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Public Hospitals in Abruzzo If you want to do professional internships in your health sciences career in one of the Public Hospitals in Abruzzo listed in this directory, you only have to select those that accept internship students and contact them to ask about any doubts in this regard.

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Hospitals of Pescara, in Italy. Find here all the contact information and much more information of all the hospital centers that exist in this city. Your health is the most important thing, and for this reason you should not delay in looking for the specialist you need at the moment.
If you need urgent medical attention, go to the nearest hospital in L’Aquila, Italy. Here you will find all, with its location indicated in the map, so that you do not have the slightest doubt about where they are and how to arrive.
Often an accident occurs when we least expect it. If this has just happened to you or someone who is with you in Chieti, Italy, call or go to the nearest hospital. Here you will see everything you need to know to contact these centers.
Going quickly to a hospital may be necessary at some point, especially in cases of serious illness of an urgent nature. So, take note from here the telephones of the hospitals of Teramo, in Italy to have them handy if necessary.
The time when someone has an accident is a time of great stress, and even more so if we do not have the telephone number of a nearby hospital on hand. Here you will find all the telephones and addresses of each one of the hospitals of Montesilvano, in Italy, to point them in your agenda and to have them always with you.
Do not wait any longer if you need to see your specialist today. Your health should be your priority and must be in good hands. Check here in this database of hospitals, your nearest hospital in Avezzano, Italy.

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via leonardo petruzzi, 42, 65013 città sant'angelo pe, italy 65013 Montesilvano ,Provincia di Pescara ,Abruzzo ,Italy 
 phone available. 
 Website available.