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Public Hospitals in Bizerte All careers in health require the implementation of curricular practices that must be performed in hospitals or health centers. If you want to know how many hospitals there are in Bizerte, look at the list of Public Hospitals in Bizerte that are present in this guide. We have them all, and sorted by relevance.

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There are many accidents that can occur at any time and may require urgent medical attention. If you need to find among the Public Hospitals in Bizerte that is closest to where you are at the moment, look it up here.

List of Public Hospitals next to Bizerte

 Clinique Saint Augustin Tunis(Located 56.06 Km)
rue el imam abou hanifa, tunis 1082, tunisia 1082 Tunis ,Tūnis ,Tūnis ,Tunisia 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 Clinique Neurologique de la Soukra(Located 57.93 Km)
tunis, tunisia tunisia La Marsa ,Tūnis ,Tūnis ,Tunisia 
 phone available.